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Mustig Software
Conceived and realized by LIS (become a department of the laboratory GIPSA) associated with the CNRS (Scientific Research National Center), MUSTIG (Multidimensional Signals Tools for Interactive and Graphics) is an application designed for signal processing (algorithms experimentation and teaching). This software is now diffused freely to industrials, engineers, scientifics and researchers. It is intended to any person having to create, analyze, simulate, represent and filter multidimensional matrices and signals , without dimensions number limitation. Signals are either constructed inside MUSTIG with assistance of input modules of the type "White vibration" or deterministic values, or read on disk files, or imported by copy-paste from other softwares such as spreadsheves. This system is "nonprocedural" (the processing is described by a graph of dependence of the outputs starting from the inputs), interactive, multidimensional and completely graphic. mustig

Application fields :

  • Demultiplexing and results visualization of an acquisition stored on disc (real or virtual)
  • Smoothing of time serieses, straight regression line
  • Signals integration and differentiation
  • Nonlinear adjustment with least squares
  • Methods autoregression programming (or of the maximum of entropy)
  • Filter calibration into arithmetic whole
  • Simulations with a coefficients panoply arranged in the series form (like a spreadsheet...)
  • Generation of maximum length binary sequences